Album in two volumes

The album is in two volumes in a case, in Russian and English.

Volume I — «Symbolism»

It is dedicated to this direction in the work of Nikas Safronov. His images help us understand both our place in today’s troubled world and the prospects for further development.

Volume II — «Dream Vision»

After much research, the artist creates his own Dream Vision direction, using not only imagination and intuition, but also the subconscious and unconscious sensations.

Critics have repeatedly written that his paintings are captured dreams: ghostly, confused, illogical, erotic. The professionalism and content of Nikas Safronov’s work, as well as his highly individual manner, are marked as an undoubted contribution to the world of art and are confirmed by titles and awards.

Nikas Safronov. Painting. 2 volumes

Dimensions, cm.: 33x23x4,5
Publication date: 2016
Publisher: Korvet, Moscow
Circulation: 1501 copies.