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Designer bags

ANTE KOVAC is a Russian brand that creates premium leather accessories. All design bags ANTE KOVAC are handmade products with special care for details. They are designed for successful people who want to impress others with their exquisite and delicate taste. Bags, handbags and purses are made of high-quality leather, Italian fittings and decorated with hand-paint, burning and embossing.

In 2014, the brand ANTE KOVAC together with the honoured artist of Russia Nikas Safronov had released a unique collection of products that combined high art and unsurpassed quality. This tandem of the great Master and the brand is known for its impeccable quality produces excellent works of art.

Handbag «In memory of Alexander the Great.»

It is framed with the most delicate calfskin and has lambskin inside that provides a soft, pleasant touch. The shoulder strap is made of crocodile leather. Image by Nikas Safronov.

Handbag «The place where the Moon rest.»

Made of the highest quality leather. Special sealing material and innovative assembly technology increase the durability of the bag and keep its shape for a long time. Production process provides multistage quality for every item. Image by Nikas Safronov.

Wallet «A place where the Moon rest.»

The wallet is made of the most delicate calfskin, using the exotic fish skin. Soft magnets provide a secure fixing. Spacious pockets allow using it as a clutch as well. The drawing is applied by unique technology, so it is resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. Image by Nikas Safronov.

Clutch Brik «Aspiration or a holiday around us.»

Clutch keeps classical model clear lines in combination with Nikas Safronov art. The inner lamb leather lining and a pocket make the bag perfect for any occasions. The base is sewn of the calfskin, framed by an exotic python and crocodile leather and decorated with fish skin. The bag is beautifully embedded with the high-quality Italian furniture. Image by Nikas Safronov.